2019-3Q: GDPR: Custom TTL Conditions /Triggers

New feature has been added to enhance GDPR TTL (Time To Live) functionality. This feature allows Operator to define their own custom conditions (before there were only few triggers hardcoded). At the moment feature allows to to set two parameters: customer status and customer type.

To make use of this feature:

1. Go to Settings -> Custom TTL Triggers

Fig 1. Settings -> Custom TTL Triggers

2. Define your own trigger/condition by specifying the name (it must be short name without any spaces or special characters), label (this will be displayed in dropdown), and conditions separate by comma as shown on the picture below

Fig 2.Defining Conditions

3. After clicking "Update Table" changes are saved. Go to the Settings -> Time To Live and you should see the defined conditions under the "Triggers" list:

Fig 3.Make use of defined conditions/triggers

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Published Date: [20190703]

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