2010-3Q: SIMPLer: Ability to defer SAND and exclude disconnection on specific days

SAND (Subscriber Auto Notification/Disconnection) system has been improved to allow an Operator to 1) defer its running for individual customers until a specified date as well as 2) select days when SAND will not disconnect customers.

1) The first option is customer based, meaning SAND status can be overwritten on per customer basis (fig. 1)

Fig. 1. SAND status - “Deferred”

The “Deferred to” option allows an Operator to defer SAND until the date date chosen. Unlike option 2) option 1) will completely disable the SAND system until the specified date. That means that notifications, overage charges, and throttling will not take place along with not disconnecting the customer. The customer's current SAND status can be found on the “customer details” page (Fig.

Fig. 2. Information about current SAND status

After the date specified SAND will run again and the customer's SAND status will be changed back to “default”.

If you wish to change a customer's SAND setting you can do so under their Network or Billing details.

2) Another vital improvement for Operators is the ability to specify the days on which SAND will not be able to disconnect customers. Operators can specify days of the week (i.e. weekend) or specify the exact dates when SAND should not disconnect the service (Fig. 3).

Note: Operators should take "Disconnection Time" into consideration when selecting exclusion days/dates. For example if the disconnection time is 23:50 and the operator doesn't want customers to be disconnected over the weekend they should check off Friday and Saturday as opposed to Saturday and Sunday.

Fig 3. SAND excluded days

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