2011-1Q: SIMPLer: Time of Day Data Usage Exemption

Note: This feature is turned off by default. If you want to enable it on your SIMPLer instance, please contact support@azotel.com.

A new feature has been added to the SIMPLer system that allows operators to define periods in which data usage is not counted against a subscriber's total monthly data CAP. These periods can be set up under the “Subscriber Auto Notify / Disconnect” section of the global WISP settings (Fig.1). There can be multiple periods specified.

Fig. 1. “Time of Day Data Usage Exemption" option

Specifying excluded periods will affect the calculation of customer usage – the usage will not be counted against a customer's monthly data CAP. However all data (including data used during exemption periods) will still be shown in the customer usage graphs, so that these can still be used to help diagnose network problems.

Time of Day Data Usage Exemption must be turned on for specific customers (by default it is turned off). In order to turn it on, the option “Time of Day Data Usage Exemption” must be set to "on". This option is available under "Network Details" section of the "Modify Customer" page (Fig.2).

Fig. 2. Setting up “Time of Day Data Usage Exemption option” option on a per customer basis

The operator can see a customer's total data usage during the month in the “Usage Summary” section of the “Customer Details” page (Fig. 3, fig. 4).

Fig 3. Customer Data Usage Summary

Fig 4. Customer Data Usage Summary in EUP

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