2015-3Q: CRM: Email to CI

Note: This feature is currently in BETA state and receiving emails can only be enabled on operator owned servers. In another words - while in BETA - it will not available on the shared servers.

The Email to CI feature allows operator to respond to CI (maintenance) emails - the response email text will be processed and automatically added to the CI.

This feature needs to be enabled on the server by an Azotel engineer (otherwise the firewall on the SIMPLer server will reject any incoming mail). One that is confirmed - the feature can be enabled from operator settings.

There are three settings that can be defined in the 'Receive & Process' emails:

    • Processing Emails - this option enables email processor at the SIMPLer server side. It will change the 'from' field in outgoing CI emails from 'noresponse@azotel.com' to 'operator@server.azotel.com'.

    • Email to CI - This will enable the Email to CI processing feature. Note that Processing Emails option must be enabled.

    • 'From' Email Address - this option enables to define an alternative email address that should be used instead of the 'operator@server.azotel.com' - so that an email processor run by operator can be used. This option is the be left blank if automated SIMPLer processing is to be utilised

Once enabled - for all CI (maintenance) emails that are sent out SIMPLer will:

    • use 'operator@server.azotel.com' email in the 'From' field of an email

    • add -eor- at the top of the email body. -eor- acts as a delimiter i.e. everything up to the delimiter will be treated as a resolution and ultimately added to the CI. Everything after the first occurance of -eor- will be ignored (Note that the -eor- delimiter can be redefined to soemthing else under operator settings)

    • email subject will have the following added: [OPERATOR] CI: NUMBER

If someones replies to the email it will be sent to 'operator@server.azotel.com' email and ultimately received by the server.azotel.com where operator instance is. Subject will be parsed. If a CI exists for the operator (as specified in the subject):

  • email will be processed and the part up until -eor- will be added to CI's resolution

  • a new CI (maintenance) email will be sent with the updates added