2018-Q3-App Features

    • New filters to search for customers
    • My Schedule
    • Electronic document image
    • Sending a copy of the signed contract to the customer

New Filters to search for customers

It's now possible to see a list of customers in the following statuses

Waiting for Install

Waiting for survey

This is useful for installers to view who is waiting the be installed or surveyed on the go.

To see the list click on the arrow button next to the search button.

My Schedule

You can now view a list of customers that have tracking enabled and are assigned to your user account.

This list of customers is sorted by the closest installation date.

Electronic Document - Image

Adding photos/images to the end of the electronic document is now possible through the app.

Once you have landed on the signature page you will see an additional area that will let you upload an image file.

This image will then be placed at the end of the final signed pdf document.

Sending a copy of the signed contract to the customer.

It's now possible to send a copy of the signed document directly to the customer straight after he/she has signed.

This feature must be enabled under SIMPLers wisp settings.

Note: If the customer has no email address associated with the account the email will not be sent.

Electronic Document - BCC Email: Sends a copy of the signed document to the specified email, useful for sending a copy internally to a different department.

Electronic Document - Operators Email: The email address from where the document will be sent.

Electronic Document- Send copy to customer: on will enable this feature, off will disable it and no email will be sent.