2018-1Q: Automated 'Close Stalled Sessions'

This feature allows operator to set a background job that will periodically scan for closed stalled RADIUS sessions.

Stalled / orphaned sessions that were left opened can happen due to variety of reasons.

'Close Stale Sessions' cleanup script can be set from the cronjobs page available under Settings in SIMPLer. Below are optional attributes that can be set along with the background job:

  • Gateway - this option can be used to narrow down the scripts execution to only customers assigned to a particular gateway
  • Grace Period - this attribute will be used to determine sessions that are 'stalled' i.e. if session has not been updated for a period longer than defined it will be categorized as stalled and closed. The value chosen here should be at least double the typical Interim-Update period
  • Verbose Logging - if specified - the log available for Azotel engineers will have very detailed information for debug. Should be left disabled as selected by default