2016-4Q: Provisioning: VLAN support for Cambium PMP

An update has been made to the Provision Now! feature in SIMPLer to allow the Management and Customer VLANs to be populated automatically when a CPE is provisioned.

When Provision Now is selected two new fields will appear to the right of the "Target Equipment Subnet" and "Target Customer Subnet" fields.

Fig 1: Provision Now

If these are left blank then there will be no change to the VLAN settings on the CPE. However, if either, or both, are populated with an value between 1 and 4095 the "VLAN Port Type" on the CPE will be "Q" and the Management VID and Default Port VID entries on the CPE will be filed in with the corresponding values:

Fig 2: VLAN Tab

NOTE: At present only Cambium PMP CPEs are supported. This update will be rolled out to other supported CPEs (e.g. ePMP, Ubiquiti, etc) in future as required.