Mid Cycle Package Changes

The purpose of this release is to document our best practice to accurately bill a customer for switching packages mid-cycle.


In 99.9% of cases, our operators will bill in advance for services.  For example - service for May 01 - May 31 will be billed on May 01 and paid shortly afterwards.  

Situation One:
An invoice has gone out to a customer on May 01 for package X at $50 for May service.  They paid off this invoice on May 7th.  On May 15th, the customer decides to immediately switch to package Y at $100/month.  Given that the original invoice has already been paid off, the process is as follows:

Step One: Give partial refund for package X.  This refund should reflect the time unused on this package.  ie May 15th -31st.  The easiest way to do this is to generate a custom invoice (fig. 1-1) with a NEGATIVE amount (ie $-25.00).  (fig. 1-2) Then you can mark this invoice as paid using the "apply payment to invoices" button in the Quick links under the customer's account. (see fig. 1-3 and 1-4 for instructions)

Fig. 1-1: Add custom invoice

Fig. 1-2: Custom invoice details

Fig. 1-3: Apply payment to invoices

Fig. 1-4: Pay off negative invoice

Step Two: Now you will need to generate an invoice (via the custom invoice link in fig. 1-1) for the new package and bill only for part of the current month (ie May 15th - May 31st).  You will need to generate a custom invoice for the new product.  (See fig. 2-1)  When you are finished adding the product you can hit "add prorated invoice" and select the date you will need to prorate to. (See fig. 2-1)  (In this case it will be June 1st).  Preview your invoice (see fig. 2-2) and send out to your customer using the resend button beside the "last 5 invoices" or manually by downloading the invoice and attaching it to an email.

Fig. 2-1: Custom prorated invoice for new package

Fig. 2-2: Preview invoice details

Step Three: Make sure to verify your "next invoice details" in the billing details section of your customer's account to check the amount of their next invoice. (See Fig. 3-2) Make sure to remove the old subscription and apply the new subscription if this has not already been done. (See Fig. 3-1) They should be subscribed to the new package going forward once you add the old subscription and de-activate the old subscription (set valid to date to May 15th).

Fig. 3-1: Modify Subscriptions

Fig. 3-2: Verify Details

Situation Two:
An invoice has gone out to a customer on May 01 for package X at $50 for May service.  They have not yet paid off their invoice.  On May 15th, the customer decides to immediately switch to package Y at $100/month.  Given that the original invoice has not been paid off, the process is as follows:

Step One: Add a credit to the customer's account for $25 with a meaningful narrative (ie credit: switch to higher speed package mid-month) (See Fig 4-1 - 4-3 for instructions).  Make sure to assign this credit to the customer's invoice. See Fig. 4-4 to 4-6 for instructions)  The remaining $25 will be outstanding and the customer will need to pay it off.  

Fig. 4-1: Access Credits

Fig. 4-2: Click add to add a new entry

Fig. 4-3: Add Credit

Fig. 4-4: Click on green E to modify invoice

Fig: 4-5: Modify credits on the modify invoice page

Fig. 4-6: Assign credit to invoice.

Fig. 4-7: Review

Step Two: As in step two documented in situation one above.

Step Three: As in step three documented in situation two above.

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