2FA Authentication

The ability to enable Two Factor Authentication for your users accounts has been released on SIMPLer, this adds an extra layer of security on SIMPLer's login process.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

To enable two factor authentication on your account go to Setting->Account.

Setting 2FA Type
There are two 2FA Types, Request if change detected, Request every login.

Request if change detected: This is the default mode, SIMPLer will automatically detect if you will be asked to enter your authentication code.
- Request every login: This mode will ask for your authentication code every time you login.

Scan QR CODE and activate in your app
At the moment there are two modes off and app.

-app mode: This will display a QR CODE that you will then scan using your authenticator app.
-off mode: The off mode means that two factor is disabled on your account.

To enable 2FA change the 2FA mode to app, this will display a QR CODE, you can then scan the QR CODE with your favourite authenticator app, list of recommended apps at the following link (https://sites.google.com/a/azotel.com/wiki/authenticator-apps).
Once the QR CODE has been scanned in your app, it will then start to generate a 6 digit code every 10 seconds, insert this code from your app in the text field in step 2.
Click the green update button to enable 2FA.

Fig.1.a: User settings authentication section.

Common user errors

If you are getting the error message saying your 6 digit code is wrong, please check the below:

- Your mobile device Date and Time might be incorrect, to check it is all correct turn on the auto date and time on your device.

Fig.1.b: Android and ios auto date time setting.

- You have rescanned the QR code if the code has been re entered.

Force Enable Two Factor Authentication on next login.

We have added a wisp setting that will force all users to enable 2FA on the next login if not already enabled, this allows you to make sure any account that has access to your instance has 2FA enabled.

Published Date: [04/Jun/2019] by Anthony

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