New options were added to the operator settings which allow embedding new versions of speed test on the End User Portal.

There are two account types for speed test custom, Suite or Free.
- The suite version is the premium option and is not free, this option allows you to customise the speed test and add your own logo, it also supports https and will fully work with an iframe embedded on our customer portal.
- The free version dose not support https and will not work with the iframe on our customer portal, we run https on the portal for security reasons and if you embed a non https link it will send out errors, there is a workaround for this in the next steps.

Setting up the free version of speed test on the customer portal:

1. Go to your Simpler instance and navigate to Settings->Modify WISP.
2. Find the option 'Speed swf object Version' and change this to 'Speed Test Embed Code' 
3. We now need to prepare some code before we proceed to the next step, go to your speedtest custom dashboard and find the link for your speed test the link should look something like this (http://azotelc6.speedtestcustom.com).

Once you found your speed test link you will need to insert it in the below code snippet:

<a href="#" onclick="window.open('Replace with speedtest link')">Speed Test</a>

Your final code should look like the following but with your link:
<a href="#" onclick="window.open('http://azotelc6.speedtestcustom.com')">Speed Test</a>

Note: if you wish to change the Speed Test text to something else you can, this will change the speed test button text on the customer portal Eg: <a href="#" onclick="window.open('http://azotelc6.speedtestcustom.com')">Azotel Speed Test</a>

4. Go back to Settings->Modify WISP and find the text field 'Speed Test Embed Code' , insert your code into the text box, don't forget to save your changes by clicking update wisp at the top of the page.
5. We now need to make a small modification to the customer portal template, navigate to Settings->Templates, in the template page click on 'end user portal', on the left side you will see templates, with two .tmpl files, right click on default.tmpl and save the file.

Open the downloaded default.tmpl file in a text editor and find the following code:

<a href="<TMPL_VAR NAME=CustomerPortalURL>network_speed_test.pl" >Speed Test</a>

You will need to replace it with this:


Save the file and navigate back to the template page, we now need to upload it to simpler, under Upload Files select the file type "template" and click choose file, navigate to the file you just modified and click upload.

Now when you navigate to the customer portal, when the speed test button is clicked the speed test will open in a new tab and this will resolve the https problem.

Setting up the Suite version of speed test on the customer portal:
If you have the suite version of speed test custom we can embed the speed test directly into the customer portal without opening a new page.

1. Go to your Simpler instance and navigate to Settings->Modify WISP.
2. Find the option 'Speed swf object Version' and change this to 'Speed Test Embed Code' 
3. On the speed test site click on the Embed button to get your iframe code, copy this code to your clipboard.

4. We now need to paste the iframe code into the text field in wisp settings, go back to Settings->Modify WISP and find 'Speed Test Embed Code'  paste your iframe into the field and save the wisp settings.
Note: if you where already using the free version of speed test you may need to change your customer portal template back to the default (step 5 in Setting up the free version of speed test on the customer portal).