2014-4Q: RADIUS: Auto-Buckets: Change 'current' group from cronjob

This feature allows operator to set a scheduled 'current' radius groups change for a gateway bucket. This allows to i.e.
  • switch 'current' customers to 'Current: Option 1' groups at 6AM
  • switch 'current' customers to 'Current: Option 2' groups at 6PM
Follow below steps to set the feature up:
  • Navigate to gateway buckets page
  • For each bucket where you want to switch 'current' customer radius groups from a scheduler - do add mapings for radius groups with type set as 'Current: OptionX'. Once that is done you will be able to switch between these options from cron. At a minimum you will need to define 'Current: Option 1' and 'Current: Option 2' - so that you have a minimum of two groups to switch between where for example 'Current: Option 1' groups would cover you daily operations where 'Current: Option 2' groups would be 'nightly' groups.
Note: If 'Current: OptionX' is not defined for a bucket - nothing will change - even if switch bucket job will be executed from scheduler as there will be no options to switch to. In another words feature will only switch 'current' groups for buckets where optional 'Current' groups have been defined

  • Once you have defined the options for each bucket where you wish groups to change from cron - go to cron scheduler and add 'Current Radius Groups switch' jobs to the table that will be executed at times you specified. The example below covers setting up two jobs that will:
    1. switch 'current' customers to 'Current: Option 1' groups at 6AM
    2. switch 'current' customers to 'Current: Option 2' groups at 6PM

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