2017-2Q: Billing: Refer-a-friend Credit Amount Support

The refer-a-friend (see here) feature has been enhanced to allow operators to have an option to add a CREDIT to a referring customer account for a custom amount, rather than providing a full month's free service. The new options are shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1: Refer-a-friend New Options

    • Refer-a-Friend - Credit - Subscribers Required To Get a Credit: Specifies the number of subscribers that must be referred be the customer to receive a credit.

    • Refer-a-Friend - Credit Description: Specifies the description (line item) that will appear on the customer record for the credit. e.g "Referral Credit".

    • Refer-a-Friend - Credit Nett Amount: The amount of the credit before tax

    • Refer-a-Friend - Credit Rounding: The rounding method applied to the credit and taxes.

    • Refer-a-Friend - Credit TAX Exemption: Sets whether credits should have a tax exemption.

    • Refer-a-Friend - Credit VAT Rate: Specifies VAT (tax) rate that will apply to the credit. If not specified the customer default is used.

To avail of the feature you must populate the fields described above. When a customer name is entered under the "referral" field of the general details tab of the customer record, once the referred customer becomes "current", the referring customer will receive the appropriate credit under the "last 5 credits" section.

Please note that the following variables can also be used in the credit description to make the credit more informative: