Google Calendar / Contacts API Activation


In the past it was possible to interact with a Google Calendar simply using the calendar name and password. However, recently Google have updated their API so that it is now necessary to explicitly "authorize" SIMPLer to access the calendar. The procedure below lists the steps necessary to authorize SIMPLer to access your calendars. 

Please note that the very similar procedure is required in order to enable Google Contacts API (ie. under Settings -> Google Contacts). In case of any problems enabling any of the API please contact

Note 1: This process only needs to be carried out once - SIMPLer will be able to access the calendar indefinitely unless you explicitly remove the authorization. 

Note 2: This process will need to be carried out for any of the calendars listed in the Settings -> Google Calendars page in SIMPLer. It is not necessary to carry out the authorization for any linked calendars. For example, if you have one master calendar (listed in SMIPLer) which has several linked installer calendars, then this process need only be carried out on the master calendar. 

  • Go to Settings -> Google Calendars (under Miscellaneous section in the left hand column) in SIMPLer and identify any Google calendars which have not yet been activated:
  • Go to and check if you are currently logged into some other account. If so, chose the "sign out" option from the account drop-down at the top right of the page. Once you have logged out of all accounts you will see a "Sign in" button:
  • Click the "Sign in" button and login to the calendar account ( in this example). Once you have signed in, verify that the account name at the top right of the page now displays the calendar account:
  • Return to Settings -> Google Calendars page in SIMPLer and scroll the the bottom of the page and click on the link in step two of the instructions listed there:
  • Once you have clicked on this link a new page will be opened which will ask you for authorization. On this page verify that the correct Google account (i.e the calendar account) is listed at the top right of the page. If so, click on the Accept button:
  • Once you have clicked Accept you will be taken to a new page which will display a "code" - Click on this code and type Control-C to copy it:
  • Return again to Settings -> Google Calendars page in SIMPLer and scroll to the bottom section of the page. Paste the code from the previous step into the box, fill in the calendar account name and click the Activate API button:
  • If there are no errors the page will state that the account has been activated and will re-direct you to the Google Calendars page in SIMPLer. This should also indicate that the account is now activated. If there were any error messages displayed, or if the account is not now activated, please contact so that we can investigate:

  • Once your calendars have been activated, please notify so that we can verify the settings end ensure all is working as expected. 

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