Future SAND Disconnection Report

It is possible for Operators to report on which Customers would be disconnected if parameters are changed on their instance.

To make use of this feature:

    1. Check when SAND runs
        Go to     => Settings    => Modify WISP
        Scroll down to “Subscriber Auto Notify / Disconnect”
        “Invoice SAND Processing Mode” will show when SAND runs
        In the example below you will see that SAND runs once a day at 00:30am

Fig 1 Check when SAND runs

     2. In order to see when Customers will be disconnected within a specific timeframe the operator needs to temporarily change the SAND Disconnection date

        Go to     => Settings    => Modify WISP
        Scroll down to “Subscriber Auto Notify / Disconnect”
        Change the SAND Disconnection date to the timeframe you would like
        Click     => Update WISP

        In the example below the Disconnection date was changed to 14 days

Fig 2 Change SAND Disconnection date

     3To run the report

        Go to    => Tools    => Reports
        => select “Future SAND disconnections” and change the “Days Forward” to the timeframe you would like. 

        If this is set to 1 day a list of who will be disconnected on the next SAND run will be generated

        In the example below the report shows which Customers will be disconnected in the next 14 days.  
        The 2 highlighted Customers will be disconnected immediately as their account is overdue for more than 14 days.

Fig 3 Future SAND disconnections Report

     3. Once you have run the report 
         Go to    => Settings    => Modify WISP    
         and change the SAND settings back to their original values.

Published Date: [10/12/2019]

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