Deleting a Customer Account

Deleting a customer account requires that the account be "scrubbed" before the account is deleted. This prevents users from accidentally deleting important financial data as the information is not recoverable. However, in a test environment or for "potential" customers that want their information removed it is important to know the steps. Below outlines the "worst case" scenario where a customer account has the most amount of data relationships that need to be removed.

Fig 1. Customer Account Details (red highlights must be removed)
  • Switch customer account status to "unused"
  • Delete Maintenance tickets (all tickets)
  • Delete Sales tickets (note closed sales tickets are not visible on the customer details page)
  • Delete Notes (the "quick" notes, not Notes/Private Notes)
  • Delete Subscriptions
    • Be sure "Inactive" subscriptions are also deleted by going to the subscription table
    • Change the Display dropdown to "All"
    • Delete all subscriptions and "Update Subscription Table"
  • Delete Invoices
    • If an invoice has payments or credits lodged against it you will first have to delete the credits or lodgements
    • Note there is no way to delete on payment from within a lodgement with other payments and failing a payment won't allow deletion
  • Delete Prepayments
  • Delete Credits
  • Delete Credit Cards
  • Delete Bank Accounts
  • Remove equipment (this moves equipment back to stock)
  • Remove IPs (this puts the IP back in the IP Pool)
At this point you should see a "Delete customer" option in the left hand menu in the Network section. Click this link and confirm you want to delete the customer account.

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