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Site Equipment Enhancement

New Features have been added into SIMPLer to enhance the functionality of site / equipment page.
        1)  Several new fields have been added on Site page.

 Fig 1. New added fields in site-detail page

          2)  New fields added on equipment page.

Fig 2. New added fields in equipment-detail page

         3)  Assign a piece of equipment to a site

    Operators are able to assign a piece of equipment to a site in equipment-detail page as the fig 2 showed above. When a site has one or more equipment assigned, the equipment list will be displayed in site-detail page. Operators can be linked to equipment-detail page by clicking the equipment name in the list.

 Fig 3.  Equipment list

          4) Add notes to a site

            Operators are allowed to take notes for the site.


Fig 4. Add notes to a site

 Click Add/modify Notes to approach the full notes list

Fig 5. Full notes list

          5)  Attach files to a site

    Operators are able to attach files to a site. A recently attached file list will be displayed in site-detail page. Operators can click ‘Full Attachment List’ button to approach the whole list of attached files, add/delete files to a site,.

Note: The full Attachment List button will not be visible if operators don’t have a proper FTP setting in global wisp setting page.

Fig 6. Recently attached files
Fig 7. Full attachment list


Attached files will be stored on an external FTP server provided by the operator. The details are to be specified on the Global WISP  Setting page. Please see more information about FTP configuration via the following link

Fig 8. FTP server settings on Global WISP setting page


         6)  Site Maintenance Interval

Fig 9. Site maintenance Interval

If both maintenance interval and next maintenance date on the site page have been specified, and automate maintenance ticket is specified as enable, there will be a maintenance ticket created automatically when reaching the next scheduled maintenance Date. 

E.g. maintenance interval is specified as ‘Annually’ and Next maintenance Date is specified as Nov, 15th, 2010, and the automate Maintenance ticket is enabled.


Fig 10. Maintenance interval settings

Then on the day Nov,15th,2011, which is the scheduled next maintenance date, a maintenance ticket will be created for the site automatically, and  the Next maintenance Date will be updated to Nov,15th,2012  automatically as well.

(the script will be executed everyday at 6 a.m.).

     7)   Site status

Operators can specify the site status on site detail page now. According to the statuses of the sites, operators can view the site details through SILMPer’s the Google Map App.


Fig 11.  SILMPer’s Google Map App


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