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2010-4Q: BILLING: Including Tax Breakup on Invoices

New invoice template variables have been added to enable tax breakup when using Flexible Tax system.

In order to enable this option the tax rounding mode will have to be changed to round tax amount separately for each individual tax rate as opposed to round summarised tax. This can be done in general WISP settings page. Note that this may affect tax amount calculation and so invoices total amount.

Fig. 1  Changing tax rounding mode

Below is the sample section that can be included on invoice template to display tax breakup. Please make sure to provide enough space in the invoice layout as multiple rows can be added.

    Name: <TMPL_VAR NAME=NAME><br/>
    Rate: <TMPL_VAR NAME=RATE><br/>
    Amount: <TMPL_VAR NAME=AMOUNT><br/>
    Code:  <TMPL_VAR NAME=CODE><br/>
    Description: <TMPL_VAR NAME=DESCRIPTION><br/>
    Flat Fee: <TMPL_VAR NAME=FLAT_FEE><br/>

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