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2012-2Q (v003): Auto-Payment - Send Receipt

A new feature has been added to the SIMPLer system that allows operators to set up customers to get an email notification with a receipt for a payment. To set up customer this way, "Auto Payment - Send Payment Receipt" option must be turned on. This option can be amended under each customer account - "Banking Details" page as shown in fig. 1-1.

Fig. 1-1: Auto Payment - send receipt setting

To have all new customers set to receive receipts after auto payment, please visit the SIMPLer Settings under Settings - Modify WISP and enable the options shown in fig. 1-2.

Fig. 1-2: New Customer Default Setting

The email sent to your customer along with the receipt can be overwritten under global WISP settings "Operator Emails" section.

Type of email - auto_payment_receipt

Available parameters:

See the following link for further details on email customization:

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