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Below you can find complete listing of all features by release date.

Please Note: The features below are currently being migrated to the Azotel Documentation Library. If the feature you require is not there, a link will guide you to its new location. 

2016-2Q: Network: IPv6 Support

2013-2Q: (v002): BIlling: Custom Invoice Product Tax Used Option

2013-2Q (v002): Send invoices of send method "send via post" to an external FTP server

2013-2Q (v002): Subscriptions: Active / Retired

2013-2Q (v002): Network / RADIUS: Auto Radius Groups (from Traffic Shaping Buckets)

2013-2Q: (v002): SIMPLer: Manage Maintenance

2013-2Q: (v002): Billing: Auto-Payment Processing Day

2013-2Q: (v003): SAND: Divide Subscription Allowance by Customer Frequency

2013-2Q: Customer Details Page: Updates to Radius Details section

2013-2Q (v002): Customer Subscription - Sort Priority

2013-2Q (v003): Billing: Information of Credit Card / EFT account used to make a payment

2013-2Q (v003): EUP: Customer Payment Confirmation

2013-1Q (v003): SIMPLer: Sub-Accounts

2013-1Q (v002): Network: Assign To Site and Equipment Status Change Dates

2013-1Q (v002): Billing: Direct Debit / EFT Fail Charges

2013-1Q (v100): Billing: Invoice - show only payments before actual invoice date

2013-1Q (v002): SIMPLer: Customer Custom Tables

2013-1Q (v002): RADIUS: Buckets Summary Graph

2013-1Q (v001): SIMPLer: Customer Email Integration

2013-1Q (v002): RADIUS: Customer account links on management pages

2013-1Q (v100): Dynamic Product Price on Customer Account

2012-4Q (v001): User Rights Documentation

2012-Q4 (v002): Customer Spreadsheet Download for Search Results

2012-4Q (v002): SIMPLer: Global Usage / Overage Report

2012-4Q (v002): SIMPLer: Products Spreadsheet Download

2012-4Q (v002): Network: Customer CPE Modify: Site / Basestation (colour) improvements

2012-4Q (v002): Network: Close Stalled Sessions

2012-4Q (v002):  Billing: Send Customer Invoice Receipt

2012-4Q (v002): Billing: Send Receipt upon payment

2012-4Q (v002): SIMPLer: User Rights Templates Enhancements

2012-4Q: SAND: Do not set 'valid from' date on overage topup subscription

2012-4Q (v002): Billing: Ability to save payment on account when invoice is credited out.

2012-4Q (v002): SIMPLer: Reset Usage for specified time period

2012-4Q (v002): EUP: Hide customer defined password in email being sent out to the customer

2012-4Q (v002): NETH: Customer CPE - send alert email on communication issues

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: "Today" button on Totals page

2012-3Q (v002): Billing / Network: Auto Traffic Shaping Buckets (from Subscription Products)

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Ability to fail prepayments

2012-3Q (v002): SAND: Limit Traffic Emails amount

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Auto-Close Maintenance Tickets On Customer Status "survey failed"

2012-3Q (v002): Network: Network Scan - Ability to exclude equipment from scan

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Adjustable NHM parameters

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Receive Payment - Cumulative Receipt

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Receive Payment - process in background

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Dynamic Values for Mass Mail

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Ability to copy invoice positions

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Customer Tunnel Details

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Default Distributor / Value Added Reseller

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: New Sub-menu

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Prepayment Receipts

2012-3Q (v002): Inventory: "Convert to Basestation" button

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Customer Statement Template

2012-3Q (v002): Inventory: New Status - decommissioned

2012-3Q (v002): Hotspot: Ability to use hotspot product once per day.

2012-3Q (v002): Network: Reboot WIB-C from SIMPLer

2012-3Q (v002): SAND: Overage T&C Agreement Page

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Enhanced Totals Reports - Site Financial Report

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Maintenance Ticket Attachments

2012-3Q (v002): Billing: Enhanced Totals Reports - Salesman Filters

2012-3Q (v002): Mikrotik - Simulteanous Access

2012-2Q (v002): Download Customers MailLog option

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Ability to add extension to phone number

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: SAND - Lodgement Failure

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Lodgement Processing Date User Right

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: Nominal Ledger Report

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: Enhanced Aged Debtor Reports

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: Enhanced Totals Reports

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: Cash Payment Report per SIMPLer user

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Gateway User Rights

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Send out maintenance ticket email

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Site costs user rights

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Sites/Equipment Custom Fields

2012-2Q (v002) - SIMPLer: Customer Bandwidth Usage Source

2012-2Q (v002) - SIMPLer: Currency Fraction Digits

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: Authorization Codes for CC/E-echeck transactions

2012-2Q (v002): Billing: Every [N] Invoices

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Check for duplicate IP addresses

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Customer Tracking Colour

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Google Contacts Integration

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: User Password Enhancements

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Update All WIB Files

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Ability to overwrite title/body of Credit Card Expiry Notification E-mail

2012-2Q: EUP: CAP display options

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Auto-Payment - Send Receipt

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Lodgement Reference setup

2012-1Q Mikrotik: Contention Rates Implementation Guide

2012-1Q: SIMPLer Inventory Enhancement

2012-1Q: SIMPLer Maintenance Issue Search Engine

2012-1Q: SIMPLer Last 24 Hours Top 20 Usage

2012:-1Q: SIMPLer Form 477 Integration 

2012-1Q: CORE: WIB Traffic Shaping Enhancements

2012-1Q: SIMPLer: Archive IP Usage Data

2012-1Q: CDR Rating Tool

2012-1Q: Billing: Add credit under "Assign customer credit to the invoice" page

2012-1Q: SIMPLer: New Customer Equipment Graphs and NAT

2012-1Q: Sales Pipeline Definitions

2012-1Q: Request Tracker (RT) Integration











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