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Customer Relationship Management


Azotel’s SIMPLer platform manages all of the data for a customer, or potential customer, from start to finish. This is presented in a user friendly, easy to navigate interface, which means that the required information is always quickly and easily accessible. The platform also provides integrated trouble ticketing and sales tracking systems. Operators can also add their own custom fields to the customer record, and attachments files of any type.

2012-4Q (v002): User Rights Templates Enhancements

2012-4Q (v001): User Rights Documentation

2012-Q4 (v002): Customer Spreadsheet Download for Search Results

2012-4Q (v002): Network: Customer CPE Modify: Site / Basestation (colour) improvements

2012-3Q (v002): Billing / Network: Auto Traffic Shaping Buckets (from Subscription Products)

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Dynamic Values for Mass Mail

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Customer Tunnel Details

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Default Distributor / Value Added Reseller

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: New Sub-menu

2012-3Q (v002): SIMPLer: Maintenance Ticket Attachments

2012-2Q (v002): Download Customers MailLog option

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Ability to add extension to phone number

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Lodgement Processing Date User Right

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Gateway User Rights

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Send out maintenance ticket email

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Site costs user rights

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Sites/Equipment Custom Fields

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Check for duplicate IP addresses

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Customer Tracking Colour

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Google Contacts Integration

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: User Password Enhancements

2012-2Q (v002): SIMPLer: Update All WIB Files

2012-1Q: Sales Pipeline Definitions

2012-1Q: Request Tracker (RT) Integration








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